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One World. One Family.
One Extraordinary Event.

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the global family reunion

- Coming in June 2015 -

To Benefit Alzheimer's

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The biggest, most extraordinary and most inclusive family reunion in history is happening in:

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About the Global Family Reunion

What: An event like no other. The biggest, most inclusive and most fascinating family reunion in history.

When: June 6, 2015

Where: The New York Hall of Science, on the grounds of the World’s Fair.

The Agenda: It will be a Family Reunion meets a World’s Fair meets a music festival meets a TED conference. There will be talks by celebrities, scientists and comedians! Music! Food! Exhibits! Contest! Games for all ages!

The Cause: Alzheimer’s. All proceeds go directly to charity.

The Hosts: Conceived by bestselling author A.J. Jacobs. To be featured in a documentary by Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me).

Who’s Invited: You! All seven billion members of the human family. Those with a proven connection will get a bracelet and be part of the biggest family photo in history.

Notable Relatives: Among the hundreds of remarkable cousins already signed up to participate are George H.W. Bush, Daniel Radcliffe, Henry Louis Gates and comedian Nick Kroll.

THE ULTIMATE SOCIAL NETWORK: Find out how you’re related to Albert Einstein, Michelle Obama, Paul McCartney and the rest of the Human Family.

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MEET FASCINATING COUSINS: Find out how you’re related to Whoopi Goldberg, George Washington, George Clooney, and the rest of the Human Family, and get occasional updates on the Global Family Reunion.