Fun for the Whole Family

The Global Family Reunion – coming June 6, 2015 – is the biggest, most extraordinary and most inclusive family reunion in history. It will be a Family Reunion meets a World’s Fair meets a Music Festival meets a TED conference.

Come meet fascinating cousins you never knew you had — and learn about how we’re building a Family Tree of the entire Human Race.

Come to the event for a good time and to support a good cause: The fight against Alzheimer’s.

Tons of activities for cousins of all ages

The New York Hall of Science has 450 hands-on, interactive exhibits that will be open to Global Family Reunion attendees. Here’s a sampling:

  • MinigolfA mini-golf course with an interplanetary theme.
  • A Science playground that includes slides, climbing nets, fog machines and a giant lever.
  • An amphitheater that will host talks, films and presentations related to ancestry and family.
  • An arm-wrestling machine.
  • A Design Lab where you can create movies, build structures and 3-D print objects.
  • Rocket Park, where you can see Gemini Titan II, Mercury Capsule and more.
  • A Sports Challenge exhibit, including pitching cage where a radar gun will measure the speed of your throws, and a surfing simulator.
  • And hundreds of other attractions.

In addition to all that fun, there will also be:

  • World’s Biggest Family Photo
  • Family-Themed Scavenger Hunt by Watson Adventures
  • Talent contest
  • Meet and Greet Historical Cousins (we’ll have several impersonators, including George Washington)
  • On-the-spot Genealogy where you can try to figure out how you are related to every else
  • Biggest Ever Visual Family Tree
  • Family Trivia Pub Quiz
  • Sack races, tug-of-war and other games
  • Storytelling workshops
  • Crafts
  • Sing-a-long with Sister Sledge, who will be belting out “We Are Family.”

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