My grandmother was a blogger before the word existed. Before the Internet existed. Before Xerox machines existed.

Every month for more than 40 years, she would type up a single-spaced double-sided “Family News” and send it to about 25 members of the family. You had your weddings, births and deaths. You had at least three references to me having the “croupe.” I’m still not exactly sure what croupe is, but I had it a bunch, apparently.
So in the tradition of my grandmother’s Family News, we’re starting the Global Family Reunion blog. Sadly, there’s no smell of Ditto paper (an aroma my kids will never get to enjoy). But there will be lots of tidbits about the Global Family.

There will be interviews with interesting cousins, links to the Global Family Reunion in the media, tips on how to connect to the Global Family, book reviews – and anything else you guys want us to write about.

Oh, and for those who have arrived here not knowing about the Global Family Reunion: It’s an epic event that will be held in New York City on June 6 2015. It will be a Family Reunion meets a TED conference meets a music festival. There will be games, speeches, music, food – and any proceeds will go to help fight Alzheimer’s Disease.
Thanks for checking in, cousin. And welcome to the family.

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