Many of you have taken a DNA test(s) through companies like 23andMe, Family Tree DNA and   If you’ve taken one through 23andMe, you might be familiar with the e-mail that alerts you that, hey, you’ve got 1,000 new cousins!  At first, you were probably very excited, maybe even jumped around a bit and did a New Cousin Happy Dance, but then eventually sat back down at your computer screen, head tilted to the side, brow furrowed and thought…. “Okay…..well, now what?”

The good folks at 23andMe have put together this excellent Google+ Hangout on Air to answer that very question. Learn from 23andMe Ancestry Ambassadors CeCe Moore and Tim Janzen, and 23andMe Senior Director of Research, Joanna Mountain as they discuss what you can learn from your new 1,000 DNA relatives.