Congress is Really Just One Big Family!

AJ wrote a piece for the Guardian about Barack Obama and Congress and how they’re just one big family. Think we can get ’em to have a group hug??  You can read the article here.

Barack Obama kisses a lot of babies, but what about Republican David Vitter? He is the president’s first cousin seven times removed’s wife’s great niece’s husband’s second cousin thrice removed’s wife’s third cousin, after all. Photograph: Pete Souza / White House via Flickr

P.S. Thanks to great researchers at and WikiTree for helping us find connections between President Obama and many U.S. Senators!

You’re Probably Related to Ryan Gosling

Buzzfeed posted this great article today about AJ and the Global Family Reunion! Cousins Ricky Gervais and George H.W. Bush make cameo appearances along with several other cousins.  Thank you Buzzfeed!

Cousin Chrissy Teigen

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