by Eowyn Langholf

Today’s AJ Cousin Connection is the well known weather anchor from Today – Mr. Al Roker! I predict 100% chance of cousin connecting!

Here are seven things you may or may not know about Al:

1. Al does not like coconut.

2. He doesn’t go to horror movies.

3. Al likes pie. He hates running. He runs so he can eat pie.

4. Al and Lenny Kravitz are cousins (Bonus connection!)

5. He’s the oldest of 6 kids.

6. Al hates it when he holds the door open for someone and they don’t say “thank you”.

7. He would give up half of his possessions to find the portal to ToonTown!

Al Roker is A.J. Jacobs’ first cousin thrice removed’s husband’s nephew’s wife’s brother’s wife’s nephew’s wife’s great niece’s ex-husband’s first cousin once removed. 

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