Bennett Greenspan

DNA & You

Ron Arons

Putting the Flesh on the Bones (Researching a Black Sheep/Criminal Ancestor)

Gilad Japhet

Amazing Family Discoveries

Pamela Weisberger

Family, Scandals & Secrets – Holly Golightly Was a Nice Jewish Girl: Our Ancestors Reinvented

Josh Taylor – Hollywood and Family

Family History: Connecting Across the Past, Present, and Future

CeCe Moore – Power of DNA

“The Power of DNA: Connecting Relatives”

Quiz with Pamela Weisberger and Jordan Auslander

Maud Newton – The Ancestry Crazes

Inheritance: The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Our Pasts

Randy Whited

The Future is Now

Maureen Taylor – Photo Detective

Hairsteria and Mad as a Hatter: Clues to Jumpstart a Photo ID

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